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Our Doormat Range

We have a good selection of doormats, ideal for these winter months, please come in and see our range.
Ribbed Doormats




Ribbed Door Mats come in various colours: Black, Blue, Green, Browns.
40x60cm (Small) for £2.55
50x80cm (Large) for £4.00




Black Rubber Door mats - Ideal for outside. Studded undersides and drainage hole. Scrape off the mud, snow and dirt from your shoes before entering your house.
40x60cm £3.00.


Rubber Surround Doormats are Barrier Mats with a rubber surround these come in various sizes and colours: Black/Grey, Green, Browns, Blue
40x60cm £5.10
60x90cm £10.60
60x120cm £13.70
90x150cm £30.00






Dandy Door Mats are Cotton doormats, these are washable, excellent absorbancy and come in various colours: Terracotta, Browns, Black/Greys and Red. We have one size which is 40x60cm at £6.50